About Happy Money

Who is Happy Money?

Happy Money is the first financial company to combine psychology and money, providing tools that empower people create happier and healthier relationships with their finances.

What does Happy Money mean?

Happy Money is a movement focused on how saving and spending mindfully can help you live a happier, more fulfilled life. Unlike other financial companies, Happy Money recognizes how we spend and save money directly affects general happiness, well-being, and life satisfaction. 

We’re rallying against the “sad money” system we currently live in— the complex that profits by keeping you stressed and in debt as interest works against you, not for you. Happy Money wants to create a new system that values and incentivizes saving more and spending mindfully, so you can get more happiness out of your money. 

By partnering with financial services professionals, research and clinical psychologists, data scientists, and neuroscientists, we help people make smarter spending and saving decisions for them. If you’d like to know more about our philosophy, please check out our website and our Chief Scientist Elizabeth Dunn Ph.D’s TedTalk

What makes Happy Money different than other financial companies?

In general, banks and other credit card companies make money when you get more in debt. Even reward systems are calibrated to ensure that the company — not you — comes out ahead, through the use of fees and other systems. Our innovative business model lets us make more when you save, not spend, so what works for you works for us!

Who is your partner bank and how do you work together?

We partner with nbkc bank, Member FDIC, in order to bring you great products like our Happy Savings Accounts, which are interest-bearing, FDIC-insured savings accounts. 

What types of accounts can I open with Happy Money?

Happy Money offers interest-bearing Happy Savings Accounts to help you save. Stay tuned for our checking and debit products!