Happy Money App

Who can use the Happy Money mobile app?

Anyone in the U.S. who has access to a device that can run Happy Money will be able to use our app. 

Which devices does Happy Money support? 

We support iOS and Android mobile devices.

Will I need to update my phone OS to use the new Happy Money app?

Happy Money requires Apple iOS 9.0+ or Android 7.0+. 

What are the features and benefits of Happy Money?

The Happy Money app is here to help you start saving for a happier you. You can set goals to reach your financial dreams, track spending and budget like a boss with our Cash Flow Tracker™. Our Smart Save™ algorithm recommends unique saving strategies by suggesting the exact amount of money you can comfortably stash away each day into your FDIC-insured Happy Savings Account™.

How much does the Happy Money app cost?

The Happy Money app is completely free! Not only does the app cost nothing to use, we also offer free, interest-bearing Happy Savings Accounts™.

Do I need a Happy Savings Account™ in order to use the Happy Money app?

While we encourage everyone to make saving money a sustainable and happy habit with our interest-bearing Happy Savings Accounts™, you don’t need to open an account in order to use our app. You can use the Cash Flow Tracking™ feature to help you stay on top of your spending and master the art of budgeting without a savings account.

Creating a Happy Money Account

Why do I have to verify my identity?

As a financial service product, we need to verify your personal information in order to open your Happy Savings Account™. We’ll collect and verify your new account information using the same security procedures employed at other financial institutions and banks.

What do I do If I never received the secret code?

If you don’t receive a secret code, please go back and verify that we have correct email address or mobile number and try the “Resend code” option in the Happy Money mobile app. Additionally, if the code wasn’t delivered via email, please check your “Spam” or “Other” folder in your inbox. If you’re still having trouble accessing your secret code, please contact Member Success by calling 888-288-1364 on Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST.

How do I delete my account?

If you’d like to delete your Happy Money account, please contact Member Success by calling 888-288-1364 on Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST.

Saving Goals

Why should I save?

Saving money is scientifically proven to reduce stress and build happiness. Having $2,000 in your bank account eliminates many feelings of anxiety around money. While that number may seem daunting, even smaller amounts can have a big impact! Having an extra $50 or $100 saved can take the pressure off of unexpected expenses.

How does Happy Money help me save?

Using a combination of data science and behavioral psychology, we apply algorithms and notice behavioral patterns that can help you set savings goals, figure out how much to save (and how often) so you can reach them, and reward you along the way.

What are goals within the app?

Whether happiness to you is a round-the-world trip, your first house, or saving enough for retirement, figuring out your life goals — and the money you need to save to make them happen — is the first step to making them more attainable.

Why should I set a goal?

Research shows small wins create big changes! Setting small, attainable goals can help you stay motivated. The more often you succeed, the more likely you are to build a long-lasting habit. When you hit a savings goal, you’ll experience a rush of the same chemical in your brain that makes you feel happiness in joy. Chasing this thrill can inspire you to hit your next goal and keep you focused on your long-term money dreams.

How do I set a goal? 

Figuring out your life goals is the first step to making them more attainable. Even if you’re unsure about your goals, saving now will help you build the habit so when you figure out what you’re saving for, you’ll be ready! If you have a goal and a number in mind, give it a name and we’ll help you create a plan to get there. Still not sure where to start? Choose a Quick Start goals to get a head start on building your savings habit.

Can I edit my goal?

We get it— goals change! You can edit a goal at any time. Simply find your goal on the Happy Money app homepage to bring up your goal page. You’ll be able to edit your goal name and goal amount from there.

How often and how much should I save towards my goal?

How often and how much you save are up to you— but we can definitely help. Save a few bucks every Monday, a percentage of your paycheck each pay period, or use our Smart Save™ algorithms to do the heavy lifting for you. Your savings plan can evolve as you change (and reach!) your financial goals. 

I’ve reached my goal! How do I get the money?

Congratulations! We’re so excited you hit your savings goal! To withdraw your money, simply initiate a withdrawal from your savings goal to a linked account of your choice.

Smart Save™

What is Smart Save™?

Smart Save™ is Happy Money’s unique algorithm that suggests personalized saving recommendations to make saving easy.

How is Smart Save™ calculated? 

Smart Save uses your income, housing payments, and spending history to calculate how much money you can safely put towards your goals.

How do I set up Smart Save™ for my account?

Link your primary checking account and confirm your income and monthly housing payment, such as your rent or mortgage, to get started with Smart Save™. You can link more external accounts to get smarter insights tailored for your unique financial picture, as Smart Save’s recommendations get more accurate with more data.

Will Smart Save™ ever overdraft my account?

Our Smart Save™ algorithms won’t approve a transfer if there isn’t enough money in your account. In the rare case that an overdraft happens, please contact our Member Success team by calling 888-288-1364 between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST Monday - Friday. 

Account Settings

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, please navigate to the “Profile Details” section under your Happy Money app profile. You’ll be able to enter a new email address and we’ll email you a secret code to verify that the new email address is yours. You’ll use the new email address to log into your account.

How do I change my mobile number?

To change your mobile number, please navigate to the “Profile Details” section under your Happy Money app profile. You’ll be able to enter a new mobile number, and we’ll text you a secret code to verify that the new number is yours.

How do I change my mailing address? What documents are needed?

To change your address, we’ll need to verify you live there. Please contact Member Success and have a copy of your photo ID or a utility bill on hand. Once they verify this information, they’ll update your address for you.