This isn't just
a business

Happy Money
is a movement

Happy Money is here to build a happier relationship between you and your money.

We believe that the established banking setup keeps people stressed and stuck in debt.

Our Vision

Providing financial tools and services for human happiness

Our Mission

Helping Borrowers Become Savers

Our Business

With an innovative business model for making money when you save more, not spend more

What Does That Mean?

To help you break up with your credit cards and leave Sad Money behind

To have interest work for you, not against you

To offer an alternative to the Sad Money system that is rigged against you

Love, Trust &Hustle

Our values are our culture

Our values inspire us to deliver for our team, members, partners, investors and society.


Scott Saunders


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Lisa Hennessey

Chief People Officer

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Adam Zarlengo

Chief Product Officer

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Ibo Dusi

Chief Operations Officer

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Dan Sinner

Chief Customer Officer

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Joe Heck

Chief Revenue Officer

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Matt Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

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Jeff Winner

Chief Technology Officer

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Jason Altieri

General Counsel

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Dr. Elizabeth Dunn

Chief Scientist


Board of Directors

Anjali Kumar

Former General Counsel and Head of Social Innovation, Warby Parker

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Brian Kaas

Managing Director, CMFG Ventures

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Donna Wells

Former CEO, Mindflash and Former CMO, Mint

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Joe Saunders

Former CEO, Visa No known relation to Scott Saunders

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Scott Saunders

Founder, CEO, Happy Money

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Sean Park

Founder, Anthemis Group

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Jillian Williams

Board Observer. Investment Principal, Anthemis Group

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Financial Partnerships

We provide financial tools & services for human happiness with mission-aligned financial partners.