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Q&A with Chris S.

January 25, 2023


Welcome to Member Money Moments – a Q&A series sharing the wisdom, struggles, success, and goals of our Happy Money Members as they navigate their journey to financial freedom.

Financial Wellness

How does money and or debt affect your mental health?

😟 Negatively

What do you find is the most difficult challenge you face when it comes to money?

💰Saving Money
💳 Managing my debt
🤑 Impulse Spending

FinEd 101

What do you wish you knew about money growing up?

I learned from an early age to live pay period to pay period. My Mother was on a fixed income for the majority of my childhood. Saving was never an option. By living check to check, you are never prepared for any problems that may arise in your daily life. As a society, we have learned to live this way and to use credit cards as "emergency help". Realistically all we are doing is spending future income when we use our cards (not to mention an additional 18-30% interest). If we had learned to save, we would be spending past income and never pay interest on top of what was needed to spend.

What topics would you most like to learn about when it comes to money?

💳 How to manage debt
💰 How to save + achieve financial freedom

What is one piece of advice you would give to others on their personal finance journey?

First, recognize you have credit card debt because for one reason or another, you live beyond your current means. Second, if you are fortunate enough to find a company like Happy Money that takes a chance on you, destroy those cards. Don't fall back into the same routine, make the most of the opportunity you've been given.

What’s your first financial goal when you become debt free?

To save a minimum of 15% of my current income, so that I don't use credit in the future to cover emergencies or things I want. This will save me 18-30% of all items purchased, just on the interest alone. I've learned that when I want a $100 item, I would pay $125 for that item on a credit card due to interest. I don't want to do things this way anymore.

In what way did Happy Money assist you in your personal finance journey?

The Payoff Loan helped me to consolidate all of my credit card debt at a very reasonable interest rate. This is a single monthly bill and I was able to pay off the card balances immediately. Happy Money has allowed me on occasion to forego a payment, and to add it to the end of my loan. In a short term emergency, this has been very helpful and unlike any credit company I've ever dealt with. They really want this loan to work out for me. I don't feel taken advantage of in any way, and they do what they can to help my situation. Can't say enough about their attitude. Every employee I've dealt with treated me with respect and I've never felt judged for my situation.