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Q&A with Shenai

January 11, 2023


Welcome to Member Money Moments – a Q&A series sharing the wisdom, struggles, success, and goals of our Happy Money Members as they navigate their journey to financial freedom.

Financial Wellness

How does money and or debt affect your mental health?

😔 Negatively

What do you find is the most difficult challenge you face when it comes to money?

💰Saving Money
💳 Managing my debt
🤑 Impulse Spending

FinEd 101

What do you wish you knew about money growing up?

I wish I knew that money was more accessible to me.

What topics would you most like to learn about when it comes to money?

😊 Healthy budgeting techniques
🧘 Tools to assist with financial wellness & money

What is one piece of advice you would give to others on their personal finance journey?

Stick with it and remember the goal. Enjoy the journey, be proud of the baby steps, just remember the goal and imagine how you'll feel when you're free.

What’s your first financial goal when you become debt free?

🏡 When I am completely debt free, I will speak to a realtor.

In what way did Happy Money assist you in your personal finance journey?

It gave me hope. It made me realize that I can get more financial freedom if I have a plan and actually stick to it. The Payoff Loan forced me to stick to it, and I haven't felt this proud in a very long time. I did not realize until now.