When is the Best Time to Buy Furniture?

Two people lifting a couch

Furniture discounts vary from season to season, so when is the best time to buy furniture?

There comes a point in many people’s lives when they realize, “That couch has got to go.” Or maybe their back is starting to complain about the mattress they’ve had so long they can’t remember what year they bought it.

Regardless of what your reason may be for wanting new furniture, be strategic about when you purchase new items to revamp your home without breaking the bank.

So, when is the best time to buy furniture?


While January is also a great month to buy furniture (post-Christmas sales, new styles are released in February), July wins out over January because:

  • Bringing your furniture home in snowy weather conditions is difficult.
  • Overall furniture sales are down in the summer making the discounts go up.
  • New furniture styles are also released in August, so great deals on “last chance” sales.
  • Your wallet has a chance to breathe after the holiday season and before going on another shopping spree.
  • You can enjoy your new outdoor furniture right away.


Spring Forward Into Savings

Springtime is when home sales are on the upswing, which means eager furniture retailers want to help people furnish their homes quickly by offering deals and discounts on indoor furniture.

Don’t buy outdoor furniture in spring because patio sets, barbecues and poolside furniture are all in very high demand — with higher consumer demand, comes higher prices.

Summertime Slump

Once summer rolls around, furniture sales seem to slump, especially in July (if it weren’t for discounts bringing in customers, retailers would be in trouble). Use this slump in sales to your advantage, and buy indoor furniture at heavily discounted prices in July before retailers release dozens of new items in August.

Although August is a big month for new furniture sets, it’s a great month to buy outdoor furniture too. You just may have to bundle up or wait a while before you and your partner get to share a meal at your new patio table.

Fall: Back to School

Looking for a new swivel chair, desk or other office furniture? Fall is the best times to invest in new office furniture, as retailers compete for students’ parents’ money.

Buying spring or summer-related furniture — such as patio chairs or grills — is also a smart move during the autumn months. Retailers want to completely clear their shelves of outdoorsy items that don’t stand much of a chance of selling until the weather warms up next spring.

Woes of Winter

Wintertime isn’t fun for furniture shopping. Before Christmas, people are simply too busy buying gifts and gadgets for their loved ones to be concerned with upgrading their beds, ottomans or recliners.

As previously mentioned, January is still a decent bet for favorable furniture prices, even if the weather conditions are, well, frightful. If you have money leftover from the holiday shopping season and want to buy a new mattress or indoor furniture, then definitely look into buying furniture in January.

Local Deals

Local furniture stores don’t always follow market trends. Sometimes, they’ll have a sale simply for the sake of boosting their sales numbers for the month, giving you great deals on everything from coffee tables to bed sets.


Patience is the key when trying to save on your next furniture purchase. If you can wait, you can find great deals all year long. But still, try to buy in July. You’ll save a bundle.

Participation Pays Off: How important is it to you to make big purchases, such as furniture or a car, during a season when you’re likely to get the best deal?