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Q&A with Mark

January 18, 2023


Welcome to Member Money Moments – a Q&A series sharing the wisdom, struggles, success, and goals of our Happy Money Members as they navigate their journey to financial freedom.

Financial Wellness

How does money and or debt affect your mental health?

🙂 Positively

What do you find is the most difficult challenge you face when it comes to money?

🤑 Impulse Spending

FinEd 101

What do you wish you knew about money growing up?

Do not make impulse purchases, save money for emergencies, make sure your bills are always paid on time, your credit history is very important for future borrowing power, and lower interest rates.

What topics would you most like to learn about when it comes to money?

💸 Learning good spending habits

What is one piece of advice you would give to others on their personal finance journey?

Keep your debts minimal, where you can pay your credit card debt in full each month, save for tough times. If you are in debt over your head, change your spending habits. set aside a certain amount you can put aside every pay period, even if it involves not stopping for a coffee or sandwich. Put that money away. Make coffee, or food at home to take to work. Do not make any purchases without thinking of what they will cost long - term after interest charges, or thinking of is it within your budget. Do you want it, or do you really need it?

What’s your first financial goal when you become debt free?

🙌 Stay debt free.

In what way did Happy Money assist you in your personal finance journey?

My home was destroyed in a hurricane. I had a large travel trailer that also had damage. The travel trailer was in good shape until the storm damage. After the storm I covered the roof as it leaked, and it was still livable. The Payoff Loan gave me the money to purchase a new travel trailer which I will be moving into soon. Last weekend the house was torn down, and this weekend the house area will be prepared for use. The new trailer will be placed where the house used to be, and my elderly neighbor that lost his home, will be putting a trailer there also. Thank you Happy Money team! What a blessing!